Saturday, July 14, 2012


John's Gospel tells us in 21:25, "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen."  Even the ones which have been written down number in hundreds, perhaps even the thousands.  I find it interesting that there are only eleven events that managed to be included in all four Gospels.  Even a new believer surely recognizes these eleven hold a special significance to the biography of Jesus Christ. 

1)   Baptism of John:  Mt. 3:1-17; Mk. 1:1-11; Lk. 3:1-22; Jn. 1:15-34.
2)   Feeding of 5000:  Mt. 14:13-21; Mk. 6:30-44; Lk. 9:10-17; Jn. 6:1-15.
3)   Peter's Profession:  Mt. 16:13-19; Mk. 8:27-29; Lk. 9:18-20; Jn. 6:66-71.
4)   Anointing by Mary:  Mt. 26:6-13; Mk. 14:3-9; Lk. 7:36-50; Jn. 12:1-11.
5)   Triumphal Entry:  Mt. 21:1-11; Mk. 11:1-10; Lk. 19:29-44; Jn. 12:12-19.
6)   Last Supper:  Mt. 26:17-30; Mk. 14:12-26; Lk. 22:7-23; Jn. 13:1-35.
7)   Gethsemane:  Mt. 26:36-56; Mk. 14:32-52 Lk. 22:40-53; Jn. 18:1.
8)   The Trials:  Mt. 26:57-27:31; Mk. 14:43-15:20; Lk. 22:47-23:37; Jn. 18:2-19:3.
9)   The Crucifixion:  Mt. 27:32-56; Mk. 15:21-41; Lk. 23:26-56; Jn. 19:1-37.
10) His Burial:  Mt. 27:57-28:15; Mk. 15:42-47; Lk. 23:50-56; Jn. 19:38-42.
11) The Resurrection:  Mt. 28:1-10; Mk. 16:1-11; Lk. 24:1-12; Jn. 20:1-18.

The eleven appear to have occurred over the three plus years of the Lord's earthly ministry.  The first ten all describe the events of Jesus as the "Son of Man."  Number eleven clearly defines Jesus as the "Son of God."  Numbers five through eight deal with the events occurring during the last week of Christ's sojourn with man.  Numbers nine through eleven are of such great significance that they, combined, are said to be the very "power of God unto salvation" (Rom. 1:16)!  In other words, they are the Good News, the Gospel itself (1 Cor. 15:1-4)!

I challenge you to think on these things, and to learn why each is of special importance to the Gospel message.  If God thought it important to include them in all four Gospels, don't you think they are important enough to spend the time necessary to take note of their significance?

The Bible is filled with truth, but salvation comes from believing the Gospel.  


  1. I would also add the cleansing of the Temple: Matt 21.12-16; Mark 11.15-19; Luke 19.45-48; John 2.13-22.

  2. I would also add that Jesus' prediction of Peter's denial, and then his denial of Jesus is recorded in all four Gospels:
    Matthew 26:34 - Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s denial
    Matthew 26:74-75 - Rooster crows and Peter remembers Jesus’ words
    Mark 14:30 - Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s denial
    Mark 14:72 - Rooster crows and Peter remembers Jesus’ words
    Luke 22:34 - Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s denial
    Luke 22:60-61 - Rooster crows and Peter remembers Jesus’ words
    John 13:38 - Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s denial
    John 18:27 - Rooster crows