Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday, I gave a few examples of how our government has clearly gone from being a blessing to Israel, to being a curse to them. Our last four Presidents, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, have openly criticized our ally, and have even demanded that Israel cooperate in the "land-for-peace" proposal. The relationship is not yet unrepairable, but based upon all of the unrest in the Middle East today, I do not believe God is going to continue the "chastisement phase" of His discipline on us much longer. Remember, He chastises in order to bring about repentance; after that, comes His judgment!

I believe God has sent America a clear message. There is an amazing "coincidence" for each of the four examples I gave of our failure to support Israel over the past twenty-two years. In 1991, during the Madrid "land-for-peace" conference, an unusual storm called "the storm of the century," and "the Halloween Nor'easter," destroyed the Bush home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

While Clinton was meeting with President Assad of Syria in 1994, Los Angeles experienced the Northridge Earthquake which, at that time, was called our country's second worst natural disaster (Hurricane Andrew was the worst). And in 1997, while he was meeting with Yasser Arafat, the Dakotas suffered what was called "the five hundred year flood." At that same time, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee were devastated by an unusually large number of tornadoes.

In 2005, Bush convinced Prime Minister Sharon to force the evacuation of Jewish settlements from the Gaza strip. While the evacuated Jews' homes were being destroyed, Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans. It was as though God were saying, "For every home Israel destroys, America will lose a hundred!"

In 2009, five hours after Obama's Middle East Envoy (George Mitchell) threatened to withdraw financial aid to Israel, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit Eureka, California. It was the largest earthquake in California in over a decade. On a somewhat more humorous note, only hours after publicly attacking Israel's Foreign Minister, Obama's Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) suffered a serious fracture to her elbow on her way to the White House.

As I mentioned yesterday, Obama's attitude toward Israel's neighbors has seriously increased tensions in the region. By encouraging those who overthrew Egypt's Mubarak, failing to adequately support those attempting to remove Gaddafi, and totally ignoring those seeking freedom in Syria, Obama may have received God's final warning. A typical April has an average of about 100 tornadoes. The most ever recorded for the month was 267 in 1974. April 2011 recorded 1,113.

Remember, these events appear to be God's effort to turn America around. I will not pretend to know what He will do when He has had enough. All I know is, if His chastisement is devastating, we cannot imagine how much more terrifying His judgment will be. We have been warned!

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