Friday, November 6, 2009

I am deeply saddened by the tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas. Not only did a man trained to help military returnees from war for PTSD, he added to their trauma. We are told that he was terrified about being deployed to the front, but it could not have been a fear of death. For the Muslim, dying in battle is thought to be an immediate pass into the presence of Allah. Perhaps the reason is more likely his objection to fighting fellow Muslims. While it is easy to understand that kind of thinking, he certainly had other options. He could have declared himself a conscientious objector, but that would be very difficult sense he was a non-combatant, being a military chaplain. He could have retired, or asked to be discharged. He could have admitted his cognitive dissonance and asked for psychiatric help. There are probably many other ways of dealing with his problem, but the bottom line is, he chose to side with the enemy and kill Americans.
The news media will continue to cover this story as they do most stories. We will be given all the facts about the man's childhood, troubled past, and anything else that will explain why he did this terrible deed. They will show quotes of Muslim clerics telling us that he does not represent Islam, and that Muslims are a people of peace and love. God forbid that anyone would speak publicly about a trend, a pattern, and a documented history of terror worldwide that are nearly one hundred percent the work of Muslim terrorists. While the President will continue to make statements that the Muslims are a peaceful people, and that the terrorists are a small minority of radical fundamentalists, the number of terrorist cell groups in the United States grows more embolden by our unwillingness to face reality. The Quran (Koran) declares that all non-Muslims are infadels and should be killed whenever and wherever possible. The Bible, on the other hand, tells Christians to love their enemies, to pray for them, and to do good to all men, especially to those of the household of God. Maybe that is why our military is ever so careful about targeting only military sites. Maybe that is why we rebuild the countries of our enemies, often while we are still fighting. Germany and Japan are prime examples of our willingness to go over and above to help with recovery.
Admittedly, many terrible things have been the result of "so called Christianity," such as slavery, the crusades, and conquests of territories controlled by native peoples. There is no defense for what was done to Africans, Native Americans (North, Central, and South Americans), or to immigrants because they are unable to speak our language. However, true Christians oppose actions that are un-Christlike. It is difficult to imagine Jesus owning slaves, stealing lands, or any action that treats others in an unloving manner. And, we all know (sarcasim) that everyone who says they are a Christian lives to be Christlike.
Which brings me to my point in writing this. Just as not all who claim to be Christians are Christians, not all who claim to be Muslims are Muslims. One has to decide based upon the individuals fruit, as to what kind of Christian or Muslim they are. The silence of the majority of Muslims allows the minority to control others by fear. And an example of the result of the silence of the majority of Christians allows the sin of abortion to exist in America. It appears that most Christians are such in name only; they are more interested in the "American Way" and being politically correct, than in doing what Jesus would do. I want to challenge Muslims and Christians alike to choose to follow what God (you fill in the blank) would have them to do concerning their neighbors. If this is not your wish, or you think it is impossible or too difficult to even try, then quit claiming to be a believer and declare yourself religionless. At least that way, true Muslims and true Christians will not be bunched together with the majority that both religions call hypocrites!

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