Monday, November 23, 2009


Christians are very aware that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, sacrificed Himself for us on the cross. Jews are aware that Jehovah required sacrifices from those claiming to be the children of Abraham. The Bible even teaches that the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb was a picture of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Jesus. But have you ever thought of sacrifice as descriptive of the very nature of God?

There was a time (before time actually started "in the beginning") that God was all that existed. We know that He created angels, and that He exists as the Trinity in a place called the third heaven. But when He existed before time, there was really only one heaven: His presence. There was no sun, nor was there a need for one because God is Light and there is no darkness in Him. Are you trying to picture what it was like? I hope you are better able to do so than I am.

When He decided to create the universe and all that is in it, God had to sacrifice by making a place that was not His heaven. It is almost as if He was sub-dividing reality. He had to make a void in order to have a place for His material creation. So He limited Himself. How do I know this? He had to create darkness. Without darkness, there would be no need for Him to say, "Let there be light." On day one, God created light. Logic tells us that before this act, He had to create a place where there was no light: darkness.

This is consistent with days two and three of creation, as well, in that He made a space called the firmament between the waters above and below it. This space, we will discover, is the first heaven where the birds fly, or our atmosphere. He then made space in the waters below for dry land. Notice the pattern. He makes a place on days one, two, and three for what He will create on days four, five, and six. The universe (or the second heaven) of day one houses the Sun, Moon, and the Stars (also!) of day four. The firmament of day two provides for the birds of day five, and the waters below provide a place for the creatures of the seas. The land of day three is the home of everything that lives on dry land. Man was also created on day six, but we have demonstrated that we can live in all created places: under water, on land, in the atmosphere, and outside it in space. To simplify things, we will say that creation is the sacrifice made by God, the Father.

We all know the sacrifice of God, the Son. He limited Himself, becoming human and for the exact same motive that the Father make His: love! He loved us! Before we were created, He knew what our sin would cost Him, and yet He did His part in creating all that is. He submitted Himself to the Father.

The Holy Spirit, also playing a part in creation, has limited Himself in two ways. First, He does the will of the Father and the Son (not a hard task for One Who is like minded). And second, He limits Himself to work within the free will of man. He doesn't force man to act in God's desired way in circumstances, but He allows man to choose.

So, this Thanksgiving, I would like to suggest that we thank God for making room for us, and become more like Him. Let us make room for others in our lives. We need to sacrifice "our space" to allow others in. We need to make room for others to be more expressive of their free will and be less insistent on demanding ours. I am very thankful for my Mentor, Teacher, Example, Counselor, Savior, and Father's love for all of creation. I can't wait until I am able to love like that! One day, soon I hope, I will be like Him. God bless you all.

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