Sunday, January 3, 2010


Our church has a prayer chain of sorts. It is not like the old prayer chains where one person called two, and so on. Ours involves e-mails which pass on to us the needs so that we can pray for them. It is much quicker because there is no additional conversation to take up one's time. There are a couple of reasons that it is not as efficient as the personal call system. First, not everyone has a computer. And, those who do often wait for days to read their mail. If I have an urgent need, I certainly don't want folks waiting to pray; I want intercession as soon as possible. Second, there is no additional conversation to take up one's time. It is sad when time is more important than encouraging a brother or sister in Christ. Most Christians don't talk to one another. It is hard to love the brethren when I don't care enough to find out how they are doing!

Prayer is often the only resource one has to deal with difficulty. Some problems can only be solved by God. When one reads the Bible, the idea of hopelessness apart from God's intervention, is pretty much the whole story. Noah needed a boat. Job needed a true friend. Rahab needed mercy. Moses needed everything including a dry pathway. David needed forgiveness. The biblical list goes on and on. When the Word of God is summed up, what it really says is that without God, we are helpless in this life, and for sure, in the life to come. We need God. We need His Son to be our Savior. We need direction for decisions. We need His protection from a world that hates Him and His. We need food, clothing, and shelter. We need healing. Our list is endless. We need!

But, what does God need (want)? Hebrews Eleven is known as the faith chapter. It lists many of the Bible characters who pleased God with the way they lived. They chose to obey Him. I am not certain that they all understood that His commands were given because He wanted them to know the right way to live. Just like all good parents teach their children what is best, God's Word provides instruction on life. The list of folks in Chapter Eleven is quite varied. In fact, it is hard to understand why some of them are mentioned. Isaac, Moses' parents, and Rahab (a Gentile harlot) are listed, and yet, the author did not have time for folks like Gideon, Samson, David, Samuel and the prophets. Maybe God wanted us to know there is absolutely no one that He will not help in the time of need. That certainly gives me hope. In fact, Rahab is mentioned in more books of the Bible than Mary, the mother of Jesus! If God can use someone like her, He can use anyone.

What did all those listed in Hebrews Eleven have in common? They had faith. Hebrews 11:6 says, "But without faith it is impossible to please Him; for He that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." Our faith in Him pleases Him. The only work God requires of us is that we believe on Him Whom He hath sent (Jesus, John 6:29). Believe God loves you. Believe that Jesus died and rose again for you. Believe that your faith in Him produces a relationship with God Almighty. Believe you will spend eternity with the Creator of the universe. Your belief pleases God!

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