Monday, May 24, 2010


I am old enough to remember the Mama's and the Papa's singing, "Monday, Monday." But somehow, my memory is slightly flawed because I thought the song's first line was "Monday, Monday, how I hate that day." It wasn't. It was "Monday, Monday, so good to me." How on Earth did I superimpose my words on such a classic song? It almost scares me to think I could be so wrong about something of which I was so sure. I wonder what else I have distorted over the years. I wonder how many of my friends have suffered the same malady.

I frequently get e-mails from "old" friends ("old" in years known and years lived) reminding me of how good we had it fifty years ago. Those were the days, they pine. I have smiled as I read about old songs, old cars, old soda shops, etc., and for a minute, I have a longing to return to the simpler times. As a great grandfather, I have so many about whom I worry. Back then, it was just me worrying about whether or not "(insert girl's name here)" liked me. Yes, those were the days!

But it does not take long before I remember the things that weren't so great. Abuse, fear, rejection, low self-esteem, dropping out of school, etc. were not such good memories. Hang-overs, cold jail cell floors, a wife and children who were afraid of me. Seeing drinking fountains with a large signs that said, "For Whites Only!" Seeing American cities blazing when a great American hero was assassinated. Seeing my President's head explode and his wife splattered in blood. Seeing family members suffering long agonizing deaths. Seeing the country you love refuse to win wars. Seeing a monument that is supposed to make up for the senseless loss of 58,000 lives. I could continue, but I am becoming so depressed that I might not finish.

I don't miss the days before air conditioning, microwaves, color TV's with remotes, power lawn mowers, interstate highways, Christian television, etc. These are the "good ole days!" I am retired, my wife and children have apparently forgiven me, I no longer drink, I have all those things mentioned above, and best of all, I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ: I am a Christian! My sins are forgiven! I understand life, I have purpose, I have value (we are worth what He was willing to pay), and I am absolutely certain where I will spend eternity. Oh, this is a great Monday! The only thing that I can think of that would make it a better day, is that if readers all over the world read this and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. And if they are already Christians, that they would use my blog post to share Christ with others. Wow! That would be a Monday that would be celebrated for eternity!

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