Monday, June 7, 2010


Life is so frustrating! Nothing seems to ever be what it is supposed to be. Disappointment and discouragement are my constant companions. I am beginning to wonder if the problem is not me and not everyone and everything else. I would be curious to hear what you think.

MY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF PEOPLE - The Bible tells us there are three categories of people living today: Jews, Gentiles, and Christians. I expect Jews to follow the Old Testament, but they never really have. I expect Christians to live for the glory of God, and to make every attempt to live Christ-like lives, but none of us do. I expect the Gentiles to use common sense and to follow the golden rule, but they do neither.

MY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF POSSESSIONS - You would think having things one desires would bring some happiness, but it is not so. We spend time worrying about them being stolen. We bore of them. And of course, they break. Is there such a thing as a "prized possession?" No, because even those possess us.

MY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF PROCESS - The obvious proof that this is ridiculous is summed up in Murphy's Law: If something can go wrong, it will.

MY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF POLITICS - Why expect anything from people who lie to get elected, leave office as millionaires, and who vote to promote their party rather than to choose what is best for the country? The last decent politician I can remember was Harry S. Truman, and even his middle initial was bogus.

MY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF PARENTHOOD - I am now aware that it is foolish to believe I would be a better parent than were mine. It is just as foolish to believe my kids would turn out better than I did. I am a mess, and they seem determined to "out mess me!"

MY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF PREACHING - For a man to believe that people will listen to what he has to say and do it, is total arrogance. If people wouldn't listen and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, why did I think anyone would follow me?

MY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF PUBLISHING - When I had a medical problem that very easily could have led to death, I asked those praying for me to pray for my healing with one condition: that the Lord would provide me with some ministry to Christians and to the lost. Soon after my partial recovery, my pastor set up this blog to share my thoughts. I expected it to go out to all the world, and that some would read it and find it a blessing; so much so that they would tell others about it. Yesterday, after over six months of publishing, I had one reader. I actually have six times as many "followers" as I have readers!

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