Friday, September 10, 2010


I lived in Washington, D.C. when Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous "I Have A Dream" speech. At that time, I was naive enough to believe that his dream was a possibility, but not anymore. The Malcolm X's, Al Sharpton's, Jesse Jackson's, Jeremiah Wright's, David Duke's, the Aryan Nation's, the K.K.K.'s, etc. of this world are determined to incite hatred. Some do it because they are simply hate-filled idiots; others spew their venom because it provides them with a lucrative income. There is nothing that unites people like having a common enemy. And it always helps if the leaders are so paranoid that they believe everyone of another color is out to get them. I used to call their paranoia prejudice, but I have come to see it for what it is: racism. Today, if he were alive, I believe King would be irrelevant. Blacks, at least the ones who make the news, appear to prefer the "us against them" philosophy, rather than mutual respect. Most Whites, believing they are the ones who show "tolerance" don't even realize that the word "tolerant" implied a sense of superiority. And before anyone thinks that racism is the "disease" of Blacks and Whites, check out how the Orientals and Native Americans feel about other races. Racism had its roots at the tower of Babel, and it is alive and well world-wide today.

Racial hatred is not the whole problem. Religious groups have the same mentality for the most part. With the wars between so called "Christian" nations and so called "Muslim" nations, we have seen religions for what they are: intolerant at their best, and filled with hatred at their worst. When a some Muslims rejoice over the death of Americans and proclaims the hijackers of the flying weapons of mass destruction heroes, most view them as typical of the group and hate all of them. Perhaps if moderate Muslims would speak out against such horrible actions, "Christians" would not be so quick to paint all Muslims as terrorists. What "Christians" do not seem to realize is that in countries where Islam is dominant, to speak out against those perpetrators is committing suicide. At least when some idiot threatens to burn the Koran, the majority of Americans are free and willing to speak out against such lunacy. Still, Muslims all over the world threaten to kill every American they can. It is the same thing as racism, except it is based on religion rather than race. All Americans are not burning the Koran, so do all Americans deserve to die? All Muslims do not hijack planes or dance in the streets when Americans die, so do all Muslims deserve to be feared and distrusted?

Racism and religious "racism" are not the only problems Americans face today. There is division in politics that has nearly paralyzed our government. The educational system is a disaster. The economy has collapsed. America is a mess. But don't give up; there is a Savior on the horizon! To be continued.

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