Monday, March 7, 2011


I am not a scientist, nor do I play one on TV. I am simply a student of God's Word, with an "ear" for what the world is saying about religion, politics, and "scientific discoveries." For some time, I have been puzzled by the claims of medical "experts" who tell us there are clear differences between the brains of "normal people," and those of psychopaths, homosexuals, pedophiles, mental patients, and those diagnosed with clinical depression. Take for instance the debate concerning brain differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals:

“This research is pointing to basic differences in the brain between homosexual and heterosexual people that are likely there right from the beginning,” said Sandra F. Witelson, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at McMaster University in Ontario. “These could be reflecting some genetic or hormonal factors that predetermine your sexual orientation.” (emphasis mine).

Assuming for a moment that there is actually a clear difference in the brain structure, and I am certainly not qualified to say one way or another, was the structure of the homosexual's brain different from birth, or did it develop that way because of life choices? In other words, since most scientists agree that experience helps develop the way we think, isn't it quite possible that those who deviate from the "norm" are really a product of how they have responded to their experiences, rather than "being born that way?" One source had this to say:

"A number of factors influence early brain development, such as genetics, food and nutrition, parental interaction, daily experiences, physical activity and love. In the past, some scientists thought the brain's development was determined genetically and brain growth followed a biologically predetermined path. Now we know that early experiences impact the development of the brain and influence the specific way in which the circuits (or pathways) of the brain become "wired." A baby's brain is a work in progress. The outside world shapes its development through experiences that a child's senses — vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste." (Understanding Brain Development in Young Children, FS-609, APRIL 2005, Sean Brotherson, Family Science Specialist, NDSU Extension Service).

As a Christian, I understand that human beings are the creative work of Almighty God (Gen. 1:26-27; Jer. 1:5). His intention in creating mankind as "male and female" was so that they would complement each other in order to reproduce (Gen. 1:28; 9:1; 35;11). I also understand that the choices we make determine how we "turn out" (Rom. 1:24-32). Therefore, I believe that when a man focuses his thoughts on murder, sexual perversion, etc, he is actually altering his brain structure. But of course, that is just my opinion.

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