Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have heard several people talking about the year 2012 recently. It seems that there are some "prophetic people(s)" who have declared it to be the end of the world. A major motion picture came out entitled 2012, and even conservatives like Jack Van Empe have addressed the subject. To be sure, anything is possible if one has nothing to measure theory against. However, there is much in the Bible that teaches us about how it all ends. For example, the end of this present earth does not occur until after the Millennial Reign of Christ (Revelation 21:1). That period alone is one thousand years! So, at the earliest, the new heaven and new earth could not possibly be before 3009. When one adds the seven year Tribulation Period, the earliest it could be is 3016. Of course, to those who spiritualize the Bible, almost anything is possible.

I heard someone joking during one of the Christmas parties we attended. They said, "Do you know what the two middle numbers of this year's date are?" The answer was "Oh, Oh!" That pretty much sums up the year. I guess we could say that the next year will have a similar slant to the date: 2 OH I Owe! Yes, with the new medical program, the war on terror, and the "big-brother" stimulus money, I, or I should say we, certainly will owe! One of the ironic things about our President's "Cash for Clunkers" program is that those like me who drive a car that qualifies as a clunker are not able to afford a new car, even with the incentives! I have no car payment with my precious clunker, and we are barely making ends meet now. Can you imagine how well I would do at paying a car payment? Oh, if only I was a CEO of something, anything! But, alas, I am on Social Security, and since the cost of living index (determined by the government) did not rise last year, I was informed that I would not be getting a cost of living increase. I wonder if the state and local governments will take that into consideration and roll back my increased utility bills and taxes? Right!

There is good news to report, however. Jesus is going to return to remove born again believers from this world. With the world on the brink of a One World Government, and a One World Currency, I am very sure I will not have to wait long. Shucks, with my health the way it is, I just might beat the rush and get a head start. One way or the other, I'm fixin' to spend eternity with my Creator, my Savior, my Lord, and my King! Needless to say, the sooner the better! Let everyone shout, "AMEN!"

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