Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It has always amazed me that there are so many errors believed among Christians. It could be that many believers get their theology out of their hymnal instead of the Bible. Perhaps folks think that if a hymn makes it into the hymnal, it is accurate. Especially since so many, if not all, denominations use the same songs. Some examples are most easily found in Christmas hymns. No where in the Bible does it say that angels sing. Yet "the herald angels" seem to do just that. And, what about those three wise men? Were there really three? It is taken for granted that because there were three gifts, that naturally there had to be three magi. That they are called kings is also unfounded. The best definition of magi is that they were of a priestly caste from Medo-Persia. They apparently studied the stars, and followed a strange "star" westward to Israel. It is obvious that the object in the sky was unique. First, it moved discernibly on a path that differed from other stars. Second, it stopped over Jerusalem, disappeared, reappeared, and moved over the city of Bethlehem.

The event of "three kings" visiting the new born King, must have occurred much later, as well. It did not occur when the shepherds visited the manger scene, because by the time the travelers arrived, Jesus, Joseph, and Mary were living in a house (Matthew 2:11). It was probably close to a year after the birth because Jesus is called a young child and not a babe. The fact that Herod sought to kill all the males two years old and younger, also leads me to believe that he was bracketing the time when the travelers told him they had seen the star. He was playing it safe. Fortunately for us, he missed!

The fact that angels have wings and play harps of gold or any other metal is also very questionable. The Seraphim have six wings, but there is nothing said about other angels having them. Speaking of instruments, where on earth did we find a little drummer boy? And what about midnight clear? Was it really midnight? Was it really silent? How about those cattle that were lowing? But, I digress.

Christians, both Protestants and a majority of Catholics, think that the Immaculate Conception had something to do with a virgin bringing forth her first born child. The doctrine is actually referring to the conception of Mary by her parents. Some theologian thought a mere human being could not produce the Son of God unless she, too, was without sin. They were mistaken for Mary herself says that she was in need of a savior (Luke 1:49). Just to add insult to injury (theologically speaking), Mary had other children after the birth of Jesus. Joseph knew her not until she had given birth to Jesus (Matthew 1:25). Jesus had at least four half brothers and some half sisters (compare Matthew 12:46-50 with 13"53-58).

I am not sure that five hundred years from now, all of this will make a difference. After all, our relationship with Jesus is not based upon our knowledge of doctrine (thank God), but upon our faith in Him. What I am sure of, is that Christians leave themselves open to challenge and ridicule when they fail to restrict their witness to the teaching of the Bible. The truth is what sets men free, not pleasant stories and beautiful hymns. And, faith comes by hearing and believing the Word of God. Saving faith and growing faith. God bless everyone and I hope the Christ being celebrated is Lord of your life. He is worthy.

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