Saturday, January 29, 2011


The greatest threat to America is not radical Islam, it is not global warming, and it is not our planet's meeting with a rock from outer space. It is not our dependence upon foreign oil, the trade deficit, the collapse of the dollar, or the national debt. It is not governmental corruption, the threat of our becoming a socialist nation, or the surrendering of our national sovereignty to the new world order. And even though all of those threats are very real, and are extremely dangerous, they are not the greatest threat facing us. The greatest threat facing America today is our lack of reverence for Almighty God!

From the very beginning of time, God has warned mankind to obey Him, or suffer the consequences. He told Adam that if he ate from the forbidden tree, he would die. Adam ate, and the rest is history. Mankind has inherited the nature of our father, and as a result, we not only have the natural desire to disobey God, we all face death every single day. The Bible refers to life as being nothing more than a vapor that soon passes away. Sin is evidence of a lack of reverence toward the Lord.

And just as the principle of rebellion results in the certain death of an individual, it also applies to nations. From its very roots, America has been a nation that has honored God. The first Europeans who settled here were seeking a place where they could freely worship and serve the Almighty. The first amendment of the Constitution was written to protect the right of every citizen to freely assemble and to worship as he or she chooses. It guarantees protection from opposing religious views, and from the government itself.

But, "the times they are a changing." Slowly but surely, our government has begun infringing upon our religious freedoms. Preachers must avoid "hate speech" in their pulpits, or be arrested. The definition of "hate speech" is not very well defined, and so the interpretation of what is "hate speech" and what is not, is very subjective. Preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality, abortion, or other religions, is said by some to constitute "hate speech." Speaking for a particular political candidate is forbidden, as well. Eventually, the Christian faith will cease to be "salt" to prevent corruption, and "light" to shine on the deeds once done in darkness.

When Christianity no longer holds influence on our government, our culture, or our citizens, America is doomed. Immorality, corruption, and eventually anarchy will reign, just as it has in every great nation which failed to honor God throughout history. When a nation ceases to have reverence for the Creator, it inevitably becomes a god to itself. Its citizens "pray" to it for housing and food, instead of to the One Who promised to provide those things to all who would honor Him. The greatest threat to America is its increasing rejection of God, His Book, and His people! We can print "In God we trust" on every coin, bill, document, and building in our nation, but unless we actually trust Him, there is little hope of our surviving as a nation.

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