Friday, January 28, 2011


While it is true that radical Islam is a threat to everyone, including other Muslims, the damage it can inflict on our nation is minimal in comparison to what a nuclear war with Russia would do. Actually, the worst that the Islamic terrorists could possibly do to us, would be to attack one of our allies and draw us into another Iraq or Afghanistan. No, radical Islam is not the greatest threat to America, at least for now.

Neither is the threat of global warming. Science has kept "records" of the average global temperature for about two hundred years, or so they claim, and it is only in the last three decades that temperatures have been above "normal," whatever that is. Some scientists have suggested that there is a cycle spanning about one thousand years, from the warmest year to the coolest. According to their view, the Earth is merely in the upward period of the cycle. And, since the melting of the polar icecaps which threatens to ruin the world's coastal regions would take centuries to occur, I suspect those living near the seas will have time to relocate.

Some have imagined a "chicken little" scenario in which an asteroid collides with Earth, creating another ice age. It could happen, but after all, the last time it occurred was "sixty-five million years ago, when the dinosaurs became extinct," right? Although I do not believe our solar system, or for that matter the Universe has been around as long as "scientists" say, I like our odds if there has not been "an event" for that period of time.

The threat of the world ending in A.D. 2012 because some ancient civilization's calendar ended then, is even more ridiculous. The Mayans reached their peak as a civilization about a thousand years ago, and for them, the world ended when they were conquered by the conquistadors. The last recognized Maya stronghold fell, that of the Itza capital of Tayasal on Lake Petén Itzá, in A.D. 1697. You would have thought they would have seen that coming. It is much more likely that they simply thought carrying it out past a thousand or so years was a waste of time. And for those who rely on the so called "prophet" Nostradamus, how is that working for you? Not only are the interpretations of his "predictions" forced, his batting average would get him sent back to the minor leagues. God's Word says that no man knows when Jesus will return, and even after He gets back, there are still at least a thousand years until "the end" (Matt. 24:36; Mk. 13:36; Acts 1:7; 1 Thes. 5:1; Rev. 20:1-21:1).

No, the greatest threat to America is not radical Islam, global warming, rogue asteroids, or time running out; the greatest threat to America is from within America herself. Stay tuned.

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