Saturday, October 20, 2012


Should We Disarm?

To "DISARM" means to give up or remove weapons. When policemen capture a bank robber, one of the first things they do is DISARM him. They take away all his weapons so that he can no longer fight them or attack them.

Should a country disarm? Should a country get rid of all its weapons? Should a country let itself become so weak that it is unable to defend itself against its enemies?

It would be wonderful if all the nations of the world would destroy all their weapons and decide to live in peace. But we do not live in this kind of a world. We live in a sinful world described by James in James 4:1-2. We live in a world where people want to have what is not theirs and they are willing to fight and kill to get it.

Suppose the nations of the world were to meet together and decide to disarm and destroy all weapons. But two of the nations just pretend to do this. Instead of destroying their weapons they secretly begin making even more. Soon all the nations of the world will be weak and these two will be strong. These two nations can then attack and conquer any country they wish. No one would be strong enough to stop them. Disarming will not lead to peace unless every country does it.

It would be nice if we could live in a world where there is no stealing. But is this the kind of a world we live in? _______ Suppose the President of the United States were to make this announcement on television and radio:

Fellow Americans, from now on we are all going to live in peace with each other. Let’s all leave the doors to our houses unlocked and let’s leave the doors to our cars unlocked. Let’s all decide to love each other and never steal what is not ours.

If people really started leaving their houses and cars unlocked, do you think other people would take advantage of this? Fifty people in your neighborhood might try to be honest and try to follow the President’s advice, but all you need is one crook to ruin it for everyone! REMEMBER, WE ARE NOT IN HEAVEN YET! There is enough stealing that goes on even when people lock their doors! Just think how much stealing there would be if people made it easy for thieves to break in and steal! Should a country make it easy for another country to invade and to conquer?

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