Saturday, October 20, 2012


War Is Sometimes Necessary in a Sinful World

A policeman does not enjoy using his gun to shoot a person, but is it sometimes necessary for him to do this? _____ When might it be necessary for him to do this? If a criminal were to try to harm innocent people, should the policeman try to stop him in some way? ______

If a man were to break into your house and try to kill your mother, should your father try to stop him? ______ Should your father kill this man if that is the only way to stop him? _____

Hopefully most of us will never have to kill anyone, but sometimes killing is necessary, and sometimes killing is the right thing to do. Remember, there is a difference between MURDER and KILLING. Murder is the wicked killing of another person--the kind of killing that is not done accidentally but is carefully planned and deliberately carried out. Killing is a more general word which simply means "to put to death." All murder is killing but not all killing is murder. The word "KILL" in Exodus 20:13 should really be translated "MURDER." See Matthew 19:18: "THOU SHALT DO NO M_______________."

David killed Goliath (1 Samuel chapter 17). Was God angry with David or pleased with David for doing this? _____ David did the right thing. Remember, God was the One who strengthened David and gave him the skill and ability to slay this giant!
Most people do not want to fight unless they think they can win. Only a fool would go into a battle that he knows he will lose. Would you be a fool if you tried to box against the heavyweight champion of the world?_____ Goliath was a CHAMPION (see 1 Samuel 17:4), and he was so BIG and so TALL and so STRONG that no one wanted to fight him! The men of Israel thought that Goliath would win and that they would surely lose so they did not dare to fight. Why did David fight the giant? ___________________Did David think that Goliath would win? _____Did David believe that his God was greater and stronger than mighty Goliath? _____

Just as a father needs to protect his family and just as a policeman needs to protect the people on the streets, so also soldiers protect those who live in a country. A soldier’s job is not an easy job but it is an important job and we need to pray for the soldiers who serve our country.

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