Thursday, August 26, 2010


The United States has "progressed" from having "leaders" who made their decisions based upon public opinion polls (taking the "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" way too far), to a leader whose agenda is to systematically destroy the very nation that was foolish enough to elect him. President Obama is following the plan to socialize American he learned as a student from professors Cloward and Piven at Columbia University. By overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands, the goal is to create a populace of which the vast majority are dependent upon government. Universal health care, cap and trade, legalizing twelve million illegal immigrants, adding a very poor country (Puerto Rico) as a state, stimulus and bailouts, and raising taxes on the top twenty percent of taxpayers (the very people who create jobs), all serve to create a socialist government very similar to that of Russia. (taken from "Overwhelm the System" written by Wayne Allyn Rood, a classmate of Obama at Columbia).

But believe it or not, Obama and his predecessors in the oval office are not the problem. They are merely the result of America's real problem; we have allowed a small minority of atheists to systematically remove God from His rightful place in our nation's psyche. Schools tremble at the thought of a student bringing a Bible, or saying a prayer at graduation, for fear of "big brother." Evolution is taught as scientific fact with the sole purpose of undermining the creation account in the Bible. History is being taught by those who compare Christian fundamentalism to that of Muslim fundamentalism whose agenda is to destroy all who will not submit to Islam. They compare the mindset of "Christianity" from the Middle Ages, with those who indiscriminately bomb public markets, transportation, etc. Christianity has long-since declared the actions of the crusades as barbaric, and has learned to co-exist with other religions in peace. Muslim extremists are about five hundred years behind, as can be seen by how they have kept Muslim countries living in such primitive conditions. The richest countries in the world as far as resources go, still use animals as their main source of transportation, and keep ninety percent of their people living in sub-poverty conditions.

Another clear sign that God has been left out of America's policies is the legalization of abortion. Millions of innocent human beings have been murdered because of "the rights of the mother." Homosexuality and gay marriage are obviously the result of a country without concern for the will of God. In all fairness, President Obama did not create these symptoms but merely inherited them with the mantle of leadership. However, his blueprint for change does nothing to correct the problems.

Obama, abortion, homosexuality, religious intolerance, and a socialistic agenda are all signs that God has removed our "favored nation status," and has allowed us to fall so far from His grace. But if these are all resulting symptoms, what is the cause of God's removal of His blessing? I will try to answer that tomorrow, Lord willing.

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