Saturday, August 7, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, Lee taught Bible study in our home every Friday night. One day while my wife and I were at the base commissary, the fellow who helped us to our car with the groceries commented on our bumper stickers. He said he was also a Christian and we invited him to join us that night. He came and sat quietly through most of Lee's teaching, but we could tell he was not in agreement with what was being taught. When asked what he believed, he said he was a new believer and not really able to explain his view. He wanted to know if he could invite his pastor to come speak to us, and we all agreed he could come the following Friday. What the young man did not tell us was that his "pastor" was in Houston, Texas, which is quite a distance to commute for Bible study. Nevertheless, he and another church leader came and presented their understanding of Bible interpretation. I discovered later that what he presented was called Ultra-Dispensationalism. What he said made sense to those of us who were relatively new believers, and when he asked if he could return the next night to continue, a few of us agreed. Lee and some other older Christians were resistant to what he had been teaching, and didn't want him to return. I said that if he was willing to come all the way from Houston to share with us, certainly we could be hospitable enough to listen. They reluctantly agreed.

The following evening, nearly everyone was back to do one of two things: some came to listen, and some came to protect the rest from what they saw as false doctrine. After everyone had gone home, I remember being unable to sleep. If what the fellow had said was true, everything I had been taught was wrong. I knew that if I accepted his teaching, I would no longer be in fellowship with my wife, Lee, and as far as I knew, all the rest of those who came to our home. I could not sleep and I prayed for the longest time for God to show me the truth. We went to Sunday services and I remember being very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure of anything that was being taught. I spent another sleepless night praying for His direction. I did not get it.

The following day, between classes at college, I was in the apartment studying. I was sitting on the sofa, my lap covered with books, and one my fellow students who also attended our Friday night Bible studies, came in from class. For some strange reason, the first thing he did was quote Matthew 28:19-20, and as soon as he finished, I realized that the quote invalidated everything the guy from Texas had taught. I immediately threw my hands in the air and began praising God for His answer to my prayers. Much to my surprise, he dropped to his knees and did the same thing! I did not know it but he had also been taken in by the guy. He didn't realize that his quote was proof the teaching was false until he saw my reaction. It was as though the same "light" that had come to me, was passed on to him. It is amazing that he could quote a passage, but not recognize God's answer to his prayers until he saw my reaction. God was there, and we were both overwhelmed with joy. It was an awesome experience. To be continued.

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