Friday, August 13, 2010


The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has gained a much better reputation following the hiring of Albert Mohler as President. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived, I had already graduated. During my short time as a student, I was taught that the Bible was "collective myth," that there was no such thing as miracles, that homosexuality and abortion are not sin but acceptable expressions of man's free will, etc. I learned to defend the truth in a spirit of love. For that, I am so thankful.

On one occasion, Dr. Honeycutt and I were talking as we were going to Chapel. I had listened to a talk he had given to a group of students the previous day. In it, he had made the comment that Dispensationalists had gone the way of the dinosaur, and that their approach was no longer accepted as a legitimate method of Bible interpretation. I told him that they still existed, and that he was talking to one. He stopped, turned, and said, "Really?" In the short time it took to get across campus, I explained why I believed it was the only valid approach to rightly dividing the Word of God. As we started up the steps of Alumni Chapel, his only response was "Hmm." Apparently he had never heard it explained in such a simple way before.

Half way through my studies at S.B.T.S., my G.I. Bill ran out. For the next two plus years, God worked many of the miracles my professors said did not exist. After asking for my third extension on my student loan, the lady in charge of my account asked me, "Do you actually foresee a day when you will be able to pay it off?" I said something like "Hopefully after I graduate." She told me that she was authorized to simply mark it paid. I couldn't believe it. Then, without telling me, she submitted my name to a group of supporters who provided Christmas for needy students and their families. Before long, a family rang our doorbell, and after introducing themselves, asked if they could bring in a few gifts. Not knowing exactly what they had in mind, I hesitantly said yes. The four of them made repeated trips to their van, bringing in food and gifts. By the time they had finished, we wondered how there was room in the van for passengers. It was beyond unbelievable. It was miraculous. As they were leaving, the gentleman handed me an envelope, told us "Merry Christmas," and quickly left. It contained three hundred dollars! God is good!

I graduated having earned a Masters of Divinity degree, and had no idea what our future held. I had submitted a resume to the Placement Office, listing my preferences with Pastor being my fourth choice. I only put it as fourth because we were required to fill all the blanks on the questionnaire. I continued working as the school draftsman while I waited for someone, anyone, to hire me. Strangely, a little church in Oden, Indiana asked me to come speak to them. Following my sermon, they asked if the pulpit committee could speak to us privately. They actually wanted me to be their pastor! I couldn't believe it. But because they only had a one bedroom parsonage, we were not able to accept. As I look back now, I see that God was preparing my heart for something yet to come. To be continued.

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