Saturday, December 28, 2013


The Day of the LORD is mentioned twenty-six times in the Bible; twenty-two are in the Old Testament, and just four can be found in the New Testament.  Here is a summary of what that "day" will be like:

     *  The proud shall be brought low - Isa. 2:12.
     *  It shall come as destruction from the Almighty - Isa. 13:6; Joel 1:15.
     *  It will be a day of God's wrath and fierce anger - Isa. 13:9.
     *  It will be a day of the LORD'S vengeance - Isa. 34:8; Jer. 46:10.
     *  It will be a solemn day of terrors - Lam. 2:22.
     *  Israel will have no hedge of protection in that day - Ezek. 13:5.
     *  It will be in the times of the heathen (Gentiles) - Ezek. 30:3; Obed. 1:15.
     *  Israel is to blow a trumpet of warning - Joel 2:1.
     *  It will be a day of great and terrible wrath - Joel 2:11.
     *  It will culminate in the Valley of Decision - Joel 3:14.
     *  Israel is to be silent in that day - Zeph. 1:7.
     *  It will be a day of the LORD'S sacrifice - Zeph. 1:8.
     *  The mighty men will cry - Zeph. 1:14.
     *  The LORD will not be stayed by bribery - Zeph. 1:18.
     *  It will be a day when God's anger will be displayed - Zeph. 2:2.
     *  Those who meekly seek righteousness may be hidden - Zeph. 2:3.
     *  The wealth of Israel will become spoil - Zech. 14:1.
     *  In the final judgment, a believer's soul will be saved - 1 Cor. 5:5.
     *  While this is going on here, Christians will be rejoicing in heaven - 2 Cor. 1:14.
     *  The removal of Christians prior to the day, is unknown - 1 Thes. 5:2.
     *  At the end of "the Day," Earth will be burned and replaced - 2 Pet. 3:10.

The Day of the LORD will begin following the Rapture of the Church (Jn. 14:1-6; 1 Thes. 4:13-18).  It will include Daniel's Seventieth Week, a period of seven years (a.k.a. The Tribulation and the Time of Jacob's Trouble - Jer. 30:7; Dan. 9:27; Mt. 24:3-29; Rev. 6 - 18).  The Tribulation will end with the Second Coming of Christ to establish His 1000 year reign on Earth (Rev. 20:1-10).  Following the end of the Millennium, Satan will be judged, and God will judge mankind at the Great White Throne Judgment (Rev. 20:11-15).  The Day of the LORD will be complete.

Only those who accept the free gift of salvation, paid for by the sacrifice of Jesus,
will escape the awful years which God Himself calls the day of His terrible wrath! 

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