Wednesday, December 11, 2013

YeHoVaH = LORD has some basic information on the Hebrew alphabet On page five, it presents a chart with each letter in Hebrew, its name, and its literal meaning. For instance, the first letter, Aleph, represents the number one, and its meaning is “OX” (a sacrificial animal). The last letter, Tav, represents the number 400, and means “SIGN” (interestingly, it stands for the letter “t,” which would make it appear to be a “sign of a cross”)! The entire Hebrew alphabet can be seen in Psalm 119 in the King James Bible; the Psalm is divided into twenty-two groups of eight verses each, one group for each of the twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Just to help understand why the Hebrew alphabet is so important, Jesus is the Aleph and Tav just as He is the Alpha and Omega in the Greek. 
“I AM,” the Hebrew name God used to identify Himself to Moses, was יְהֹוָה (YHVH).  It is comprised of the tenth letter, Yod, which represents the number ten, and means “HAND”; the fifth letter, Hey, which represents the number five, and means “BEHOLD”;  the sixth letter, Vav, which represents the number six, and means “NAIL”; and the last letter is another Hey.  Because the original Hebrew had no vowels, the spelling of God’s name was Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey, or YHVH.  In other words:  HAND, BEHOLD; NAIL BEHOLD! 
The German version of this would be Yod, Hey, Waw, Hey, since the “V” and the “W” are reversed.  I am not saying this means anything, but you know the letters for the internet, “WWW,” would be “VVV” in German, and that would be “666” in Hebrew!  There are a few who believe the internet is Satan’s tool, but for me, it is a God-send, as it gives me an opportunity to share my Bible study each morning!
God can make something good out of whatever Satan does!

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