Tuesday, January 1, 2013


As I age, I find myself having a problem with hearing.  Of course, I do not want to admit it, but it is hard to deny.  I first noticed it when we have family visiting us, and one of the first things they say is, "Why do you have the TV so loud?"  Then there is my constant use of the word "Huh?" whenever someone speaks to me, or I think they are speaking to me.  To add to the problem, the humming in my ears makes me wonder why there is always someone "running something." 

But there are advantages.  Saying "Huh?" gives me time to think of a witty comeback for when they repeat themselves.  And to be honest, much of what is said on TV and by some of my family members, is not worth hearing in the first place!  Especially if they are drinking or bragging about how great they are.  My favorite people are both sober and humble!

There is another kind of hearing problem that often plagues me.  Because of being angered or hurt in the past by someone, I, apparently due to my failure to deal with my anger or wounded pride, tend to "mishear" what the "past offender" says to me.  I would like to think it is a defense mechanism, but if I am truly honest, it is because of my unforgiveness.  I find I hear more negative things from people I do not particularly like, even though family and friends tell me that my perception of what was said is totally wrong.  I suspect that many youngsters with perfectly good hearing have this problem as well.

And then there is the problem with hearing which stems from being unteachable.  Jesus described it as the result of the unbelieving being impaired by the hardness of their hearts (Mt. 10:14; Mk. 6:11; 16:14).  In addition, there are several Bible verses which address this problem (Deut. 29:4; Ezek. 12:2; Mt. 11:15; 13:9, 43; Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 29; 3:6, 13, 32).  They do not hear because they do not want to hear!

The title of this post is meant to be a humorous example of what a married person, with issues of forgiveness, "hears" when the spouse wishes them a "Happy New Year."  I realize that it is not really funny when a marriage gets to the point that every word "gets analyzed" to determine if it is a "put-down."  Marriages like that are often described as a couple "walking on egg shells around each other."  I am not exactly sure where that description comes from, but I have walked there on occasion, and it is not a good place "for a stroll."  It may be time for candy and flowers!

Hearing problems can be caused by one's ears, or by one's heart!
A doctor may be able to cure the first, but the Holy Spirit is the only "Healer" of the second!"

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