Tuesday, July 16, 2013


2 Timothy 3:2-4 - For Men Shall Be . . .

  1. lovers of their own selves--selfish, self-centered, seeking to please self
  2. covetous--lovers of money, greedy, worshiping the dollar bill
  3. boasters--those who love to brag about themselves and about what they are going to do
  4. proud--a person who considers himself above others and tries to lift himself above others, even if it means stepping on others
  5. blasphemers--those who speak against God, and drag His good Name into the mud, and speak of God in an irreverent way
  6. disobedient to parents--those who do not obey or honor their parents, those who are rebellious in the home
  7. unthankful--ungrateful, not appreciating all the blessings received, not thankful for all of God’s goodness (Rom. 1:21)
  8. unholy--no respect for anything that is sacred
  9. without natural affection--without that love and affection that should be shown in the family (the love that a mother has for her child, that a father has for his son, or that a young person should have for his brother or sister or parents)
  10. truce breakers--those who refuse to make peace, who would rather be at war with you, who would rather be your enemy than your friend
  11. false accusers--those who say false things about a person
  12. incontinent--not having self control
  13. fierce--savage, brutal, untamed like a wild animal
  14. despisers of that which is good--no love for what is good and right
  15. traitors--one who betrays another (like Judas), pretends to be your friend but later he lets you down and is not your friend at all
  16. heady--those who do things in a hasty way without much thinking; they will act first and think later
  17. high minded--puffed up, swollen with pride, conceited
  18. lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God--pleasure seekers rather than God-seekers

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