Sunday, September 9, 2012


There is a war going on between Almighty God, and Satan, the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4)! It is a war that has lasted over six thousand year, ever since Adam decided to follow Satan instead of obeying God. Today, the vast majority of the world's population has rejected the authority of the Creator of our universe, and like Adam, has sought to be equal to God (Gen. 3:5-6). Man's rejection of God resulted in mankind becoming so wicked that God destroyed the world He had created (Gen. 6:5-7). Fortunately for you and me, Noah and his family found grace in the sight of God (they did not deserve to be saved - grace is unmerited favor), and He saved them (Gen. 6:8-22).
God instructed Noah to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth (Gen. 9:1). And, like before the flood, man refused to obey God. Noah's son, Ham, knew the Lord's command, as did Cush, his grandson, and Nimrod, his great grandson. And yet, all four generations remained in one place: the Plain of Shinar (also known as Babylon or modern day Iraq). So, God decided to scatter mankind over the entire planet, simply by changing their single language into the thousands we have today.

Not much has changed. Man still prefers to reject God, and allow Satan to have dominion. It was a majority who yelled "crucify Him" when Pilate wanted to free Jesus (Lk. 23:21-24). Pilate tried three times to convince the crowd, but to no avail.
Last week, at the Democratic Convention, two amendments to the platform were offered: 1) that the party mention God, and 2) that the party recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Chairman called for a voice vote, saying it would take a two-thirds vote to change it. After three calls for the vote, he finally decided to declare the amendments passed. Sadly, the vote had been so close that it was impossible to determine which one, if either, even had a majority. The Republican Platform did not need to be amended: God is mentioned as granting our rights on page two, and they stated their "unequivocal support of Israel" on page forty-nine.

 By all means, vote according to the party which best represents your views.
It may be a secret ballot, but I guarantee that God will know your choice.


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