Saturday, February 15, 2014


Well, we made it back home in record time!  Actually, we broke a record for the longest trip from Jacksonville, Florida to Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Because of horrible weather in the Southeast, we decided (and wisely, if I say so myself!) to travel West to Pensacola and take I-65 North; it runs directly into Jeffersonville.  That made the distance about four hundred miles longer, but we had perfect traveling weather.  It did not start snowing here in Jeffersonville, until we were headed home from Judy's Mother's home.  She lives about five miles from us.  God is sooooo good!

While on our cruise, only our second together, we met three wonderful ladies from Northern Utah.  "Mom," "Bear," and "Bo," live on an Indian Reservation, and were absolutely wonderful to dine with every evening.  They seemed so young and full of life; it seemed to energize us old folks.  God is sooooo good!

I am still feeling the effect of the "rock and roll" of the ship.  I even mentioned to the hotel clerk that I though they were having an earthquake.  Seriously!  Our only real problem with the ship tossing and turning, was when someone on the bridge decided he would change headings to turn into the wind.  I honestly felt as though we were capsizing!  He made a hard turn that listed the ship at least twenty-five degrees, and it lasted over a minute in duration!  It did so much damage that the stage show scheduled that evening had to be cancelled because of their equipment crashing down.  Several stores had severe damage to their displays.  It is ironic that this Captain had such a difficult time, when the Captain of the Carnival Fantasy had zero problem with the fact we were on the outer edge of Hurricane Sandy on my last cruise.  On that one, we did a lot of rocking, but not once did I ever believe we were in danger.  However, as I said before:  God is sooooo good!

Due to health issues (old ones - nothing new), I stayed aboard with the exception of an excursion on a glass-bottom boat in Nassau.  Our wonderful son-in-law and daughter paid for the "trip to see the fish."  They said it was their Christmas present to us; from last Christmas, I hope; I am looking forward to something this coming Christmas - hint, hint)!  God used others to bless us, and God is sooooo good!

Well, I hope to get back in the "groove" tomorrow with my daily Bible Study blog post.  Again, I want to thank all the ship's crew, our new "Indian" friends, my eldest daughter and her husband, and those who sailed with me:  Judy and her Mom.  God used you all to bless me, and God is sooooo good!  Amen! 

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