Friday, February 28, 2014


Most Christians know that the "Lord's Prayer" is not His prayer, but is a model prayer for His disciples to follow (Mt. 6:9-13; Lk. 11:1-4).  Jesus prayed many times during His ministry here on earth, but John 17:1-26 is His prayer with His disciples at the time of the "Last Supper":  Jesus' "last will and testament," so to speak.  Here are some truths we can glean from His prayer:

V. 1 - He did not bow His head or close His eyes to pray. 
V. 2 - He knew He was to give eternal life to those given Him by the Father.
V. 3 - He defined "eternal life" as "knowing the Father, and His Son."
V. 4 - His entire life on earth brought His Father glory.
V. 5 - Jesus existed with, and shared His Father's glory, before creation.
V. 6 - His disciples belonged to God before they belonged to Him.
V. 7 - His disciples knew that the Father empowered Jesus.
V. 8 - His words were proof of His origin.
V. 9 - Jesus prayed only for those who belonged to His Father.
V. 10 - All that belonged to the Father, also belonged to Jesus.
V. 11 - Knowing He was leaving them, He prayed for God to protect His disciples.
V. 12 - Judas' betrayal was the fulfillment of Scripture.
V. 13 - His leaving to be with the Father, eventually would give His disciples joy.
V. 14 - His disciples faith in God's Word would result in persecution.
V. 15 - He prayed for God to protect His disciples from Satan and his minions.
V. 16 - His disciples had become "other-worldly" (spiritual).
V. 17 - He prayed for His disciples to be "set apart" by their faith in the Word.
V. 18 - Like Father, like Son; both commissioned ambassadors to the lost.
V. 19 - Jesus set Himself apart, in order to be able to set His disciples apart.
V. 20 - Jesus prayed for them, and all who would believe their Gospel.
V. 21 - Our unity is evidence that the Father sent His Son.
V. 22 - "The Glory" (Holy Spirit) is how His disciples would be "one."
V. 23 - Our unity is evidence of God's sacrifice out of His love for mankind.
V. 24 - Jesus prayed for us to join Him in heaven, and thereby, to truly know Him.
V. 25 - Only those who know God sent Jesus, truly believe in Him.
V. 26 - Knowing God as our Father results in our being filled with His love.

We believe because the Father draws us to Jesus, and fills us with the Spirit!

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