Wednesday, March 12, 2014


John Kerry, President Obama's current Secretary of State, has been working feverishly to get a peace agreement signed, which is described as the "Two State Solution" for the Palestinians and Israel.   According to the Jerusalem Post headline dated March 12, 2014, Kerry made a speech in 2012, in which he stated that the window for a peace agreement would only be open for about two more years; he has recently stated that the cut-off date is April 29th of this year.  My question is, what is going to happen which will prevent the talks to continue beyond April 2014?

It is my guess that Kerry knows about the Blood Moon Tetrad which will commence on April 15th of 2014!  A Blood Moon Tetrad occurs when four successive Lunar eclipses, with the first and third falling on the Jewish Passover, and the second and fourth falling on the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles.  This is a rare occurrence, happening only seven times since the Incarnation of Christ (A.D. 162-163; 795-796; 842-843; 860-861; 1492-1493; 1949-1950; 1967-1968).

I have no data on the first four, but the last three occurred following significant events in Jewish History:  1492-1493 followed the Spanish expulsion of all Jews; 1949-1950 followed the Jewish War of Independence; and 1967-1968 followed the Six Day War.  If the pattern holds true for 2014-2015, there should be a significant event prior to Passover of this year!  Since Passover falls on April 15th, is it possible that the "significant event" could be following Antichrist's "confirming of a covenant between the Palestinians and Israel (Dan. 9:27; Kerry's "Two State Solution)? 

The stage is set.  St. Malachy's 113th Pope, the last Pope, rules in the Vatican, and according to his prophecy, Pope Francis will rule during the Tribulation.  The Church is inundated with "tares."  Anarchy reigns in the streets of many nations.  There is a strong and concentrated effort to create a "one-world government"; a "one-world religion"; and a "one-world bank/currency!"

It is easy to be a scoffer; it is prudent to be aware of the signs of the times!  

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