Saturday, June 25, 2016


Ever since my computer was high-jacked in the middle of the night by Microsoft, I have had nothing but problems with Windows 10.  I keep getting requests to add something, or change something, and when I click on the request to see what it is about, I am usually informed that there is a cost for the "new service."  Trust me, I want nothing more than to have Windows 7 back!  Today, my blog "short-cut" went blank.  The only reason I am able to write this, is because I put in my blog address, and when it showed up, I clicked on "new post."  I am not certain where this will work or not, so I will now "publish it" as a test.  Please pray for me - I have absolutely no comprehension of computers, and this blog is a ministry God gave me when my health deteriorated in 2009.  Thanks.

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