Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There are twelve consecutive years in each new century in which there is a triple date within each year.  This century, we have had 01-01-2001; 02-02-2002; etc., and today, we have the final one for the twenty-first century:  12-12-2012.  This will not occur again until the first day of the first month of the year 2101.  That means, a person born on such a day will likely never experience it again.  A person living for more than one hundred years could experience it, but only if he was born on a triple date day, and that would mean it would be impossible unless they were born in the first twelve years of a century.  So, if you have a child born today, and if he lives over one hundred years, he could experience the occurrence twice in his lifetime.  Whoop-tee-do!  So he has something unique about which to brag.  What is so special about that?  Nothing!

There is also the rare possibility that a person could come to faith in Jesus Christ today and be born again on 12-12-2012, live over one hundred years from today, and be able to praise the Lord on 12-12-2112.  However, he would be one hundred years plus the age at which he accepted Christ, and since few people, at least since Moses, have lived to be 120 years old, he would have to accept Christ within the first twenty years of his life.  Now, he possibly could have something to brag about!

I said "could," because what if he lived those one hundred years as a born again believer like you are living today?  Would he be able to look back over his century of serving his Lord with joy, or with grief?  If he lived every day the way you are living, would he be ashamed when he finally meets Jesus face-to-face, or would he be able to hear Jesus say, "Well done, My good and faithful servant?" 

What if he drank, smoked, used drugs, lied, stole, etc. and ruined his witness before those who were lost?  Would he be able to look Jesus in the face?  On the other hand, if he were to deny himself the "pleasures" of the world, the flesh, and the devil, and he shared his faith in Jesus Christ with those the Lord brought across his path, he would be able to rejoice at the sweet sound of the Lord's voice as He spoke his name!  Oh, I know, no one is perfect.  But, when we look at the life of a believer, we will see that his life is either marked by sinful selfishness, or he will be recognized as one who made every effort to serve his Lord and Savior.  So, no matter how many years you live after being born again, one or one hundred, it is how you lived those years that counts.  Think about it!
If you accept Christ on 12-12-12, praise the Lord!
        When you stand before Him, make sure He can praise you!           

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