Thursday, December 6, 2012


Ephesians does teach works as being necessary for our salvation!  Oh, I know, you and I have quoted Ephesians 2:9 so many times to those who are trying to work their way to heaven, that we have failed to notice what the Book of Ephesians actually says about works. 

I have found (so far) that there are at least four types of works described in the text: 
1) the works of God (1:11, 19; 2:10; 3:7, 20; etc.);
2) the works of Satan (2:2; 3:10; 6:11-12; etc.);
3) the works of the lost (2:9; 4:19; 5:11; etc.); and
4) the works of the born again believer (2:10; 4:12, 16, 28; etc.).

Today, I want to focus upon the works of God as described in the first fifteen verses of the book.  By looking at just these few verses, we can see why God is to be praised, why Satan is the ultimate fool, why the lost will die in their sins, and why we ought to spend our lives in humble gratitude before Him!

1:1   God chose men to win and educated those who believed their message.
1:2   God uses us to bless each other.
1:3   God has already blessed us in Christ.
1:4   God has chosen us in Christ (while we were yet living in sin - Rom. 5:8).
1:5   God has adopted us, in Christ, to be His children, His heirs.
1:6   God has done the work of making us acceptable in Christ.
1:7   God has redeemed us and forgiven us in Christ.
1:8   God has given us His abundant grace.
1:9   God has revealed His will to us.
1:10 God will gather us to Himself when the time is right.
1:11 God predestined us to be His inheritance.
1:12 God reveals His glory through us.
1:13 God uses the foolishness of the Gospel to save us (1 Cor. 1:21-23).
1:14 God guarantees our inheritance until the time to receive it.
1:15 God works His love through us to the entire Body of Christ.

When all is said and done, it is God who will get all the glory for our salvation, for the works He does through us, and for our eternal relationship with Him!  His mercy keeps us from getting what we truly deserve, and His grace has provide the Savior, the Comforter, the Gospel, and the fellowship we have with Him and with all who believe in Him.  We have nothing to glory in.  In fact, our genuine response for what HE has done, will be humility!

To God be the glory; great things HE has done!

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