Friday, December 7, 2012


In yesterday's blog; I summarized the four categories of works found in the Book of Ephesians:  God's works; Satan's works; the religious works of the lost; and the works of the born again believer following salvation.  Lost man works to try to earn what God offers freely to those who place their faith in Jesus, while the saved man works to show his gratitude for gift of salvation (Eph. 2:8-10).  Today, I want to share some of the wisdom God gave my Pastor which he passed on in our Wednesday night Bible study.  Ephesians should be seen as a book of two themes: 

The Works of God

Chapters 1-3 contain teaching on God's free offer of Salvation which should result in our humility: 

*  Paul's salutation to the Church at Ephesus (1:1-2);
*  God chose to save us in Christ (1:3-1:16);
*  God revived us by Christ (1:17-2:10);
*  God reconciled us through Christ (2:11-3:11); and
*  God produces humility in those who believe in Christ (3:12-3:20).
*  Glory to God.  AMEN (3:21)!

The Response of God's Children
Chapters 4-6 contain teaching on God's work of Sanctification in His humble servants:

*  Paul's humble call to be like minded (4:1-3)
*  Humility will show when we relate to other believers (4:4-4:16);
*  Humility will show in our life choices (4:17-5:21);
*  Humility will show in our family relationships (5:22-6:9); and
*  Humility will show in how we face our enemies (6:10-23).
*  Grace to believers.  AMEN (6:24)

The Word of God teaches us that we can recognize those who belong to the Lord, and those who are pretending to be His.  Jesus said that we shall know false teachers by their fruit (Mt. 7:15-23).  Paul describes the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.  And if I might "add my two cents worth," we will know those among the brethren who are worth following because they are "walking in the Spirit," evidenced by their humility!

We ought not think of ourselves as being a gift to God;
We ought to be a gift from God to others!


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