Wednesday, April 17, 2013


America has been blessed throughout its existence by such great evangelists as Edwards, Finney, Wesley, Whitefield, Moody, Sunday, etc., but without a doubt, the man who has had the greatest religious impact on our country is Billy Graham.  In addition, Graham's crusades have drawn thousands to Christ in many countries around the globe.  And with the invention of television and satellites, those who have heard him preach must number well over a billion. 

Graham's presentation of the Gospel has never changed.  His preaching has always focused upon man's sin and his need for a Savior.  He proclaims Jesus to be the one and only Savior; the one and only way to His Father in heaven.  He preaches Jesus as having been crucified, buried, and raised from the dead according to the Scriptures.  And, at the end of each meeting, Graham invites those who have trusted in the Jesus of the Bible, to come forward so that he can pray for them.  Millions have become born again believers as a result of his ministry, and when asked to give their testimony, they point to the date they trusted in Jesus at a Billy Graham crusade. 

Unlike many of televangelists, Graham's character has never been questioned.  He has spent his entire life in the ministry of Christ, with moral integrity and much humility.  He may be the only evangelist who has never been accused of being a hypocrite!  However, if you were to ask him if he ever sins, he would certainly tell you he struggles just like the rest of us.

Graham, while not being accused of sin by others, has been criticized over how he operates his crusades.  He has sought the support of local pastors to publicize his crusades, to serve as counselors at them, and to follow-up by reaching out to those who filled out a statement-of-faith cards.  While this, on the surface appears to be wise, there is a major flaw in this approach.  First, the pastors do not have to believe in the basic doctrines of the faith:  the inspiration of the Scriptures, the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, the vicarious blood atonement by Christ, the Resurrection, that salvation is a gift received by faith alone, or in Christ's Second Coming.  Hence, when these wolves in sheep's clothing get access to the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the new born babes is Christ, they start them down the road to doctrinal ruin.  The new converts, believing the pastor has the full support of the Graham ministry, are totally vulnerable to their false teaching!

While I totally agree with Graham's critics, I am really not concerned about the future of these new believers.  If the individual has genuinely placed his or her faith in Jesus Christ, the Word of God says that he or she is born again by the Spirit of God who baptizes them into Christ.  As believers, the Holy Spirit lives within them, to teach, to warn, and to protect them from being overcome by the evil one!  God is in control, and we must remember, He loves His child far more than we do. 

We need to trust the One in Whom we trusted for our salvation!            

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