Thursday, April 4, 2013


It is interesting, to me, that Jesus taught His disciples by first pointing out the wrong way to do things, and then, by contrasting it with the right way.  In Matthew 6:1-34, Jesus teaches us about doing works of charity (vs. 1-4), about how and where to pray (vs. 5-15), about how they are to fast (vs. 16-18), and finally, about the believer's attitude concerning things (vs. 19-34).  Notice that the key to understanding what determines whether something is done correctly or incorrectly, has to do with why, and for whom, one is doing it.  When a person seeks to be viewed as spiritual by his peers, he is acting out of selfish pride.  When a person is giving, praying, or fasting with God alone as his audience, Jesus assures us that God both sees and hears those things done for Him in secret, and He will reward us for their faithfulness (vs. 4, 6, 18). 

I would like to look at the Lord's Prayer, or more accurately, His Model Prayer, and focus upon the attitude for each of the parts.  This is how I understand it; that is to say, I am not suggesting my interpretation is correct for you.

Our Father - He is not exclusively my Father, but He is the Father of His adopted family.
Which art - The One eternal, always present tense, Being.
In heaven - The Father of Jesus has sent His Son, and sent the Holy Spirit, to provide for us.
Hallowed by Thy name - God's name is so sacred that even His children do not know it!
Thy kingdom come - The kingdom will come when Jesus returns.
Thy will be done - God's will will be done during Christ's millennial reign.
On earth as it is in heaven - What is in heaven, will be on this earth.
Give us this day - Our needs are always present tense.
Our daily bread - I am to be sure every one is fed with "our" bread.
And lead us - We do want You to direct our paths.
Not into temptation - We dread being tried, for we are weak.
But deliver us - Fill us with Your Spirit that we might withstand Satan's attacks.
From evil - And being filled, we have no fellowship with the world, flesh, or devil.
For Thine is the kingdom - Everything belongs to You, including us!
(Thine is) the power - Because we are weak, we rely on Your power to protect us
(Thine is) the glory - All praise and adoration belongs to You and none to us!
(You are) forever - From eternity past, to eternity future, You are!
Amen - So be it!

In other words, what I want from my Father, I also want for you.


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