Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Have you ever tried to help your child make a scale model of our Solar System?  It is nearly impossible!  First of all, in order for your model to have a one inch diameter ball represent the Earth, you would need a ball with the diameter of about thirteen feet, to represent the Sun.  In addition, at that scale, for you to place the planets in their relative orbits, the Earth would be approximately one thousand feet from the Sun.  So instead of you and your child constructing a scale model of the Solar System for Science class, you simply don't try; you take a few coat hangers, and a few Styrofoam balls of varying sizes, and we make what looks like a mobile for a baby's crib.

We have a similar problem when we try to make a time-line of the events in the Book of Revelation. 

*   Two chapters (2:1 - 4:1) represent the Church Age, from its beginning on the Day of Pentecost (Acts. 2:1) until the Rapture of the Church (Jn. 14:1-3; 1 Cor. 15:48-53; 1 Thes. 4:16-17; etc.), a period of about two thousand years, so far. 

*   Thirteen chapters (6:1 - 18:24) represent just seven years, known as the Tribulation, the Time of Jacob's Trouble, or Daniel's Seventieth Week (Jer. 30:7; Dan. 9:27; Mt. 24:4-29; etc.).  The first five chapters (6 - 10) describe the first three and a half years of a world in distress, but with Israel's "peaceful friend" protecting her (Mt. 24:4-14).  The middle three chapters (11 - 13) show the events surrounding the betrayal of Israel (Dan. 9:27; 12:11; Mt. 24:15; etc.).  The last five chapters (14 - 18) describe the Great Tribulation, the letting-loose of "hell on Earth" (Mt.  24:16-28)!

*   One whole chapter (19) discusses an event which could possibly occur in but an instant:  the Second Coming of Christ (Dan. 2:34-35; 44-45; Mt. 24:29 - 25:46; etc.)!    

*   Just seven verses (20:1-7) represent the one thousand year Millennium; the fulfillment of all prophecy concerning the reign of Israel's Messiah on Earth.

*   Then eight verses (20:8-15) cover the Great White Throne Judgment, and the end of this world as we know it.

*   Two chapters (21 - 22) complete the Book of Revelation by introducing us to our eternal future with God!
Regardless of when these things will happen, are you ready?
All who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ look forward to His return!  

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