Monday, September 2, 2013


Following the thirty minutes of silence in heaven (Rev. 8:1), seven trumpets were given to seven angels who were standing before God (8:2).  According to my understanding, the sounding of each of the seven trumpets announces the following:

The first trumpet (8:7) - hail and fire mingled with blood cause a third part of the trees and all the grass to be burnt up.

The second trumpet (8:8-9) - a great mountain causes a third part of the sea to become blood and one third of all sea life and a third of all ships to be destroyed.

The third trumpet (8:10-11) - a great star named "wormwood" ("Chernobyl" in Russian) causes a third of fresh water sources to become contaminated.

The fourth trumpet (8:12) - one third of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars become darkened.

[The announcement that the last three trumpets will be "Woes" (8:13).]
The fifth trumpet / the first "Woe" (9:1-12) - demonic, scorpion-like locusts torment for five months, all who are not sealed by God. 
The sixth trumpet / the second "Woe" (9:13 - 11:14) - a 200,000,000 horsemen army kills one third of all mankind - the mystery of the "little book" - the culmination of the three and a half year preaching of the two witnesses, that is, their death, resurrection, and ascension.
The seventh trumpet / the third "Woe" (11:15 - 14:20) - Israel's Child ascends to His throne - Israel in the wilderness for next three and a half years - the Antichrist, "possessed by Satan," commits the Abomination of Desolation - the False Prophet establishes the "mark" and idol worship - the final preaching of the Gospel - the announcement of the coming of the "wrath of God" (this phrase appears seven times AFTER the middle of the Tribulation (14:10, 19; 15:1, 7; 16:1, 19; 19:15).

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