Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The continued existence of the nation of Israel is quite remarkable. Suppose a man is being bothered by a mosquito. This man slaps the mosquito, but it doesn’t die. He then smacks it with a newspaper, but it doesn’t die. He then strikes it with a fly swatter, but that does not kill the pest either. He tries spraying it with bug killer, but it still lives. He captures it in a jar and takes the jar 25 miles away from his home and buries it in the ground. One week later this same mosquito is back on the man’s arm! The mosquito cannot be destroyed!

There is a nation that is like this imaginary mosquito. It is a nation that cannot be killed or destroyed. Many attempts have been made to destroy this nation but all these attempts have failed. This nation lives on. It is a miracle nation! It is the most amazing nation on the face of the earth. It is the nation of ISRAEL— the JEWISH NATION.
The survival of the nation of Israel is remarkable, especially when we consider many of the other ancient nations who have not survived and who have lost their national identity.  Consider, for example, the seven nations mentioned in Deuteronomy 7:1. Are any of these nations in existence today?  What about the Philistines?   What about the Assyrians?   What about the Babylonians?   Certainly there are individuals who have descended from these nations who are alive today, but these nations have not maintained their national identity.
As Paul Van Gorder has pointed out, "You never hear anyone speak of an English Frenchman or a French Englishman or an Italian Frenchman.  But there are English Jews, French Jews, German Jews, and American Jews....To the Jew belongs an indestructible separateness.  This cannot be said of any other people on earth" [Is God Through With the Jew, RBC Booklet, p.2].   Of Israel it was predicted: "The people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned [numbered] among the nations (Numbers 23:9).  What other nation or people has been scattered among the nations and yet has maintained its national identify and distinctiveness?
The fact that Israel has maintained its national identity,
after having its people scattered throughout the world for almost 1900 years,
demonstrates the providential hand, and the loving care of
Jehovah, the one true God.

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