Thursday, November 22, 2012


I cannot recall a single Thanksgiving Day, of the seventy I have experienced, which has not been focused upon God's blessings to man.  People thank God for freedom, and for the food, clothing, and shelter He has provided.  Some, unfortunately far fewer than a majority, thank Him for salvation.  Those who are born again, recognize that it is only because of His grace and His mercy, demonstrated in the giving of His Son to pay for the sins of mankind, that we can call Him Father.

This year, I would like to thank some of those folks God has used, and is using, to make me more like Jesus.  You would think I would begin with my wife of fifty years, and of course, she has played a significant role in His work in me.  But, I am afraid her contribution to my Christlikeness would not have even mattered had it not been for the contribution of some others.  So...  

I want to thank Tim Coffman for obeying God's leading and witnessing to me.  It was the pocket New Testament he sent that God used in the well-orchestrated series of "coincidences" which resulted in my accepting Jesus as my Lord.

I want to thank Hal Judd, who not only witnessed to me, but even after I mocked him, he asked his church to pray for my salvation at every prayer meeting until I was saved.

I want to thank the Pastor of Dolphin Way Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, for preaching the exact message I needed to hear in order to open my heart to the truth about Jesus.  Similarly, I want to thank Rex Humbard of the Cathedral of Tomorrow in Akron, Ohio, for "pointing at me" through the camera, and moving me to get on my knees and accept Christ.

I want to thank Lee and Sandy Frerichs for coming to my home every Friday for two years, so that they could teach me (and over twenty others) the basic doctrines of the Word of God.  Their patience with an ex-atheist, with one who thought he knew it all, still boggles my mind!

I want to thank all of my Bible College Professors, and some of my Seminary Professors, for the sharing of their relationship with, and knowledge of,  the Creator of the Universe.

I want to thank Kip Smith for paying for my wife and me to attend our Emmaus Walks.

And finally, I want to thank my wife for her patience, her tolerance, and for her serving as a hindrance on the multitudes of occasions in which I demonstrated my un-Christlike, A.D.H.D, O.C.D. flawed character.  I believe she has literally saved the lives of some who have challenged me.

Thanking God should include mentioning those He uses in our lives!  


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