Friday, November 16, 2012


I have been so blessed to have lived in America at a time when food is abundant, where medical assistance is readily available, where freedom of religion still exists, where travel is uninhibited, and where the sciences continuously make communication easier with each new invention.  If it were not for my computer, I would be more isolated, less informed, and without a ministry.  Although I am not a total shut-in, my health issues limit my activity greatly from just ten years ago.  Being on-line allows me to be a witness to people all over the world, to have access to vast amounts of Bible study materials, and to learn from those whom God's Spirit is constantly revealing His truth.

One of the sites God has used to bless and teach me is the group known as "Christ in Prophecy."    
(!/groups/christinprophecy/10151209593418999/?comment_id=10151213918743999&notif_t=group).  Most of those sharing their understanding are self-taught; they have little or no formal Bible training.  And yet, I often gain greater insight from them, than I did in all the seminary classes I attended combined.  Here are just two comments that blessed me today.  I have known, in general, what each of these two women wrote about, but I had not thought of what they have shared in such clear terms.   

Diane Tipping Williams wrote:  "And I should also add that Bible prophecy points to Jesus Christ and Redemption as the entire Bible does. I hear all the time about every subject (not just prophecy) but any subject that people discuss..."Why don't we just focus on Jesus?" What I don't think people understand is that by studying what God says about our future, about what is happening around us, is part of understanding who Jesus is."
Pam Morgan Bilich wrote:  "Birth pangs, in terms of Bible Prophecy, refers to certain convulsive geopolitical, geophysical, astrophysical, and world-wide, socio-economic events and issues scheduled to occur in the time leading up to Jesus Christ's Second Advent (Second Coming). These are likened to the contractions experienced by a woman about to give birth, with those episodes increasing with frequency and intensity. Jesus' foretelling of these birth pangs uses the word "sorrows," in His Olivet Discourse on end time things to come."
God is using the computer, and internet access, to bringing the Body of Christ together, much in the same way God's Word describes the reuniting of the "parts" of Israel in Ezekiel 37:1-14!

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