Saturday, January 4, 2014


Here are just twenty-six of the Old Testament prophecies Jesus fulfilled at His First Coming.  Since every one was fulfilled literally, it does not require much faith to believe that He will literally fulfill all prophecies concerning His Second Coming!  His First Coming:

A.   Isaiah 7:14                     Born of a virgin                                           Luke 1:26-53.
B.   Micah 5:2                      Born in Bethlehem                                      Matthew 2:1.
C.   Hosea 11:1                    Taken to Egypt                                            Matthew 2:14.
D.   Jeremiah 31:15             Saved from Herod's infanticide                   Matthew 2:16.
E.   Genesis 49:10               Born of the Tribe of Judah                           Luke 3:33.
F.   Isaiah 7:14                    Called Immanuel                                          Matthew 1:23.
G.  Isaiah 9:1-2                   Ministry in Galilee                                       Matthew 4:12-16.
H.  Zechariah 9:9                Triumphal entry into Jerusalem                   Matthew 21:1-11.
I.   Psalm 41:9                     Betrayal by a "friend"                                  Matthew 26:20-25.
J.   Zechariah 11:12             Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver                   Matthew 26:15.
K.  Zechariah 11:13             Money used to buy Potter's field                 Matthew 27:6-7.
L.  Isaiah 53:3                      Rejected by the Jews                                    John 1:11.
M. Psalm 35:11                    Falsely accused                                            Matthew 26:59-68.
N.  Isaiah 53:7                      Silent before His accusers                           Matthew 27:12-14.
O.  Isaiah 53:6                      Smitten and spat upon                                 Mark 14:65.
P.  Isaiah 53:4-5                   Suffered vicariously (in our stead)              Matthew 8:16-17.
Q.  Isaiah 53:12                    Crucified with criminals                              Matthew 27:38.
R.  Psalm 22:16                    Hands and feet pierced                                 John 20:25.
S.  Psalm 34:20                    No bones were broken                                  John 19:33.
T.  Psalm 22:18                    Lots cast for His clothing                             John 19:23-24.
U.  Psalm 22:15                    Thirsted while on the cross                          John 19:28.
V.  Psalm 69:21                    Given vinegar to drink                                 John 19:29.
W. Psalm 22:1                      "My God, My God, why...."                         Matthew 27:46.
X.  Isaiah 53:9                      Buried in rich man's tomb                             Matthew 27:57-61.
Y.  Psalm 16:10                    His Resurrection from the dead                    Matthew 28:9; etc.
Z.  Psalm 68:18                    His Ascension into heaven                            Luke 24:50-51.

He came as a Lamb; He is coming again as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! 

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