Sunday, January 19, 2014


Let me begin by saying that I spent twenty years serving my country in the U.S. Navy, and in spite of how Americans felt about me, and my comrades in arms at that time (1959-1978), I was a proud of this country, enough so, that I was willing to give up my life for it.  One saying that was heard from members of all branches of the service was, "For God and Country."  I want you to stop and think about that for a moment.  Do you really think, that today, our political and military leaders would want you to say that?  If so, you haven't kept up with the times! 

Our President, the one who ends every speech with "God bless you, and God bless America," has forbidden military chaplains from sharing the Gospel, praying in Jesus' name, and although I have not heard this as yet, I am sure he has forbidden the chaplains from serving Communion (if he hasn't yet, it is only because he does not know for what it stands - the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ)!  And while I am on this venomous tirade (I identified my comments so the liberals will know I am aware of how they feel about comments such as these), I have to wonder how he feels about the $400,000.00 he legally receives, that has "In God We Trust" on it.  I say "legally" because I have found that men spend nearly a billion dollars to get a job that pays so little, and yet, they all leave office as millionaires.  The last honest President we have had was Harry S. Truman!

Our country has turned its back on God in so many ways.  First of all, it has legalize the murders over a million children a year; it has basically done away with all sodomy laws, and has declared that homosexual marriage is equal to conventional (and Biblical!) marriage; it has supplied arms and munitions to those who hate America and it allies; it has tried to bully Israel into giving up land for peace (as though the plan to exterminate the Jews by the Arab nations will somehow change); and it has created a welfare society in which nearly one half of those who vote are dependent upon the "benevolence" of the party in office (we used to call that "buying the votes")! 

This morning in Sunday school, someone asked where America fits into end-time prophecy.  The answer is, America is a nation - ALL nations will come against Israel, God's chosen people (Zech. 14:2; Mt. 24:9; 25:32; Lk. 21:24; Rev. 14:8; 18:3, 23; etc.)!  Because America has decided to turn from its Christian heritage, with Mr. Obama declaring we are no longer a Christian nation, it has come down to this:  one must choose to serve Almighty God, or serve a nation that is godless! 
I pray that all born again believers will "cut the cord," and serve the Lord!

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