Tuesday, January 28, 2014


There has been much "leaked" about the President's State of the Union speech that is due to disrupt television re-runs tonight.  At my age, there are no such things as re-runs; I can't remember them from the first time I saw them.  Anyway, like all leaks, I suspect they are nothing more than tests to see how Americans will react.  If they are positively received, then they will be his ideas, and they stay in the speech; if not, they become the ideas of the Republicans, and will be fodder for ridicule.

Politicians have become experts on making lies sound like the truth, and they even have a Ph.D. program for those politicians who want to make it to the top of the political ladder:  graduates receive a diploma that reads "Doctor of Spin."  By twisting the truth, misusing of statistics, and plausible deniability, unqualified and incompetent men (so far) get re-elected.  The good new is, we only have about three more years...wait, somehow that does not sound like the start of a sentence that can be called "good news!"  Three more years!  Now that is frightening!   

I feel I need to lighten up some, as I am somewhat uncomfortable with the negative tone; I usually avoid politics due to it being so depressing.  So, for all you Dave Letterman fans, here is my top ten list of what you will not hear in the President's State of the Union speech:

#10  "I honestly believe Joe Biden will make a great President!"

#  9  "The Reverend Jeremiah Wright was right!"

#  8  "As a Muslim, I have great respect for Jews and Christians!"

#  7  "Golf IS hard work!"

#  6  "To my Latino friends, I know a great forger...no wait, I had him killed!"

#  5  "My critics are NOT racists!"

#  4  "Welfare is the goose that laid the golden egg for getting re-elected!"

#  3  "I made the decision to ignore requests from Benghazi!"

#  2  "Constitution?  I don't need no stinkin' Constitution!"

#  1  "T R U T H!"

If there ever was a time our nation needed the Lord's mercy and grace, it is now!

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