Monday, January 20, 2014


Dear Brother Martin,

You probably will not believe this, but today, America has a Black President!  Even harder for you to believe, I am sure, is the fact that today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; you have your own national holiday!  Amazing, isn't it!  America has come a long way, that's for sure!

I was in Washington that day in August of '63, and swelled with pride and much joy at hearing your "I Have A Dream" speech.  Kids still have to memorize it in some schools, and for many of us, it was as powerful and poignant as was President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.  In a way, it is fitting that the two of you are remembered for your efforts to unite our country, and your speeches still inspire us today!

While I would like to tell you that race relations in America are good, and that race is no longer an issue, I am afraid I can't.  Do you remember one of your aides named Jesse Jackson?  Well, Jesse, along with a charlatan named Al Sharpton, have made a career stirring up dissension between the races.  Of course you remember the Nation of Islam, founded by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, and led by Elijah Muhammad.  Well, to be quite honest with you, within about twenty years after you were taken from us, their organization, now led by Louis Farrakhan, has become less confrontational, at least publicly.  They, much like the Mormons, have promoted family values, and morality among their members.

The greatest problem for Blacks today, believe it or not, is the Democratic Party!  Black America did benefited from the work of President Kennedy, and President Johnson, with their pressure on Congress to pass Civil Rights Legislation, but believe it or not, the Democrats have practically enslaved Black America by making the vast majority of your people dependent on the government welfare system.  With White Americans dominating big business over the years, and the centuries old practice of hiring predominately Black women, Black men have an extremely high unemployment rate.  As a result, the Black prison population far exceeds that of Whites, percentage wise.  In addition, over seventy-five percent of Black babies are born to unwed mothers!  The Democrats like that, believe it or not, because people on welfare vote for those who "spoon-feed" them!

There is good news though, Brother Martin!  Our Lord is due to return to take His Church home at any second!  The Rapture is the next event on the prophetic calendar, and after we have joined you, the Seven year Tribulation will take place.  Then, FINALLY, Jesus Christ will bring us back with Him to govern a world that will do God's will!  For 1000 years, you and I will work together making your dream a reality!  I cannot wait!  I am looking forward to seeing you, Brother!

Until then, God help America!  Your friend and brother, Paul Mutschler.  I will be the vastly overweight White guy with pure white hair and a huge grin on my face!      

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