Thursday, November 3, 2016


I am very tired today.  No, I got my normal amount of sleep.  No, it isn't because my Congestive Heart Failure is getting worse.  No, it isn't because of the never-ending bombardment of political ads, political facebook posts, nor is it from knowing all those who promise to move out of the country if this election turns out "wrong," are never going to bless us with their absence.  Those things all may contribute to my needing a nap.  What truly has me worn out, is a ten inning seventh game of a World Series, featuring two teams that have a combined record of 176 years without a title!  The game not only went into extra innings, there was a rain-delay!  Nevertheless, I stuck it out to the bittersweet end.  I say "bittersweet," because I hate to see either team lose!  It takes a lot out of you if both teams are "underdogs!"  Saddest of all may be the fact that "Harry Caray" didn't live to see his Cubbies win!

According to Wikipedia, "Harry Caray, born Harry Christopher Carabina (Mar. 1, 1914 - Feb. 18, 1998) was an American sportscaster on radio and television, doing commentary of five Major League Baseball teams, St. Louis Cardinals and Browns, Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox, and he spent the last sixteen years of his career as the announcer for the Chicago Cubs.  Not only was he an expert on baseball, he was entertaining and always hopeful that his "Cubbies" would win.  He is even more special to me, as he nicknamed his son "Skip." 

"Caray's" famous "The Cubs Win; The Cubs Win" proclamation didn't happen as often as he would have liked, but that was due to so many years of under 500 baseball.  He never lived to see his "Cubbies" win a World Series, but he is probably driving everyone in heaven nuts with "The Cubs Win!"

Perhaps the best thing about Chicago's long-awaited championship, has nothing to do with baseball at all.  In a day when there is "saber-rattling" from Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, when our own military is being sabotaged by our current "command-in-chief" (purposely lower-case!), when the two major political parties seem unable to offer us a candidate for President who will unify our nation, when racism is rampant among both Blacks and Whites, when Wall Street keeps predicting a cataclysmic financial collapse, etc., etc., etc., it was great to spend five hours focused upon a baseball game!  So, thanks to the Cleveland Indians (can't believe political correctness hasn't changed that), and to the Chicago Cubs, for providing America with a distraction fit for the record books in so many ways! 

Next Tuesday, those of us who are willing to stand in long lines to vote for a new President, will have my greatest respect for making their voices heard around the world:  in this election, like so many before it, even the dead will "have a voice!"  Between illegal aliens voting, people casting many votes, and the deceased participation, I am afraid that the pro-life, pro-Constitutional Supreme Court appointees, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Israel, the Washington Outsider, will not have a chance.  Especially when millions of Christians will not participate because neither candidate meets their spiritual standards!  Never mind that there are other offices on the ballot, and some state and local issues being decided, they are either too lazy, too apathetic, or have too high of standards when it comes to having a leader whose sins differ from theirs.  Looking back at the elections they did vote in, one has to wonder how this election is so different from the last eight years. 

Christians are called to be "salt!" 
We don't make the meat, but we do need to slow down the decay!  

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