Saturday, November 5, 2016


I have believed in Jesus Christ for nearly forty-six years, and even though I am absolutely certain that I am a born-again child of Almighty God, every once in a blue moon, Satan tries to doubt my relationship with the Lord.  When those times come (thank God they are infrequent!), I have always remembered how the Lord got through my atheistic, thick head, and moved me to believe and to repent;  faith moved me to kneel in my living room and to trust in His Son on January 31, 1971. 

God orchestrated my salvation by using believers from four states, including three T.V. preachers.  And that was only the beginning!  Within a matter of one week, He miraculously connected me with the church that had been praying for my salvation, every Wednesday night for six months.  Within that first week, I was asked to "give my testimony" (I had no idea what that was), and when I did, a Southern Baptist deacon walked the aisle and accepted Jesus!  Praise God!

From that time until now, God has closed doors, opened doors, and gently guided me through this mine field we call life.  While I am sure He has spoken to me off and on throughout the years, I am only aware of four times when I recognized the voice I heard was His.  Ironically, all four were times of great depression, and I heard what I needed on those occasions.  I am not sure how many days there are in forty-six years, but to hear from God on just four of them, certainly does not make me "special."  I am just blessed and grateful! 

I, like Israel, have frequently looked back at those "markers" when facing doubt (Joshua Ch. 4), and while they have assured me, I have discovered that, while they are important, in reality, I have to ask myself, "Do I believe in Jesus Christ today?"  The answer is "YES!"  You see, the word "believe" is a present tense verb.  The question, "Do you believe?" means, "At this moment in time, do you believe Jesus Christ, God's Son, is both your Savior and your Lord?"  Again, for me, thank God, the answer is a resounding "YES!" 

My Pastor has asked me to give a short testimony this coming Sunday, as to how God saved me by using His Holy Word.  If you know me, or have read my blog in the past, you know that limiting me to two minutes, is like allowing a hungry dog to eat only one bite of steak!  That being said, I will use notes, I will stick to my notes, and with your prayers, God's will and help, I will "tell somebody!"  But today, in this post, I will tell you:  Jesus, Creator God, crucified, buried, and raised from the dead, is my Savior and my Lord!  I pray that everyone reading this has their own testimony of how you have come to faith in Jesus!

Based upon how current events are lining up with end-times prophecy, we don't have much time to reach the lost.  I pray you will join me in sharing your faith to as many as God leads you!

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